Extreme Emergency Alert In Phone, Message On Screen – New Test By India

The government of India is testing the emergency alert in Indian mobile devices to check whether the Indian mobiles are getting these alerts or not. The Indian government is testing new plans on the mobile device by sending an Extreme Emergency Message on every Indian mobile device. Mobile Users will get this emergency message on their mobile phones on 10 October 2023. This phenomenon is made available to check and send emergency alerts for any future emergency. Read more details given below.

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Extreme Emergency Alert In Phone Today

In India many users are searching for Emergency alerts came in their mobile devices today. The telecom department of India is testing a new feature for all Indian mobile phones and sending some emergency alerts by which for some seconds users’ mobile phones will vibrate and then stop. This is called an emergency alert which will be sent by the government of India to check the mobile alerts in every Indian user’s mobile. This is not a serious matter and it is a normal test made by the Indian telecom department.

Extreme Emergency Message In Mobiles

All mobile phone users are suggested to take a long breath as their mobile phone will show you emergency alert on the screen for 5 seconds. This new feature is used by telecom companies to give any type of emergency alert to residents of India in any emergency situation created in the future. This alert will make the user aware of the emergencies held in the country and will give proper information to make them aware.

What Is Extreme Emergency Alert In Mobiles

The extreme emergency alerts in mobiles have come on 10 October to test the emergency service situations. The program was started by the government of India in the past few days and now the testing has started. The main aim of making the test is to aware people of any type of flood or any other critical situation by sending an emergency alert on their mobile phone. As digitalization has been covered throughout the country now emergency situation alerts will also be sent to your mobile phones directly on your smartphone.

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Emergency Alert Extreme Kya Hai?

The government of India started the new extreme emergency alert message testing on 10 October to check whether all signals were sent properly or not. The Emergency message shown on users’ smartphones is only a test by the telecom department Indian government to check whether the alerts are sent correctly or not. This alert will inform the residents about any emergency in the country.

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